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Make a choice

In just a couple of days it will be March.

How the heck did that happen!

It seems like only yesterday I was flicking though my journal of what I wanted to 'let go' of from 2017 and set my intentions for 2018.

Life goes fast.

If you are out on the edge - pushing for greatness, striving to live large and leave a legacy - then it's my bet that you are facing some BIG decisions right now - and with everything going on around you it feels like now is the worst time to make a choice. You wish that the chaos would just settle for a moment and you could get yourself clear to move ahead...

I know that place.

I've known it most of my adult life.

Where do I fit? Is this the path I should take? What if I'm wrong?

A while back I came across some wisdom that helped me move ahead...

We often think that making good decisions comes from having knowledge - but it doesn't. Good decisions come from wisdom.

So how do you get wisdom? Ah, yes - wisdom comes from experience.

So how do you get experience? Making bad decisions" the wisdom you need to make positive choices is on the other side of your bad decisions. :)

When I understood this, I resolved to make as many decisions as I could as fast as I could - let the chips fall where they may. Don't get me wrong, I didn't just go out and try to make deliberately stupid choices (that just came naturally ;) But I did realise - there is one thing more frightening than thinking of my life 10 years down the track from a bad choice - and that is 10 years down the track from making NO choice... (shudder)

As the Paul Kelly songs says: "I've done all the dumb things"

  • I have lost $15,000 in a forex trade.

  • I have failed in business - more than once.

  • I have kept pushing for change in the school system - even after I was told it would cost me my job (and it did)


But EVERY single one of my failures has been the spring board for some of my greatest achievements.

  • I went on from my massive loss on the foreign exchange market to recover the loss and get debt free in just 3 years.

  • I went on from my failed businesses to study, learn and grow and now I run 2 successful businesses where I get to teach my own kids - and one of these programs is teaching young people how to start up a passion based business.

  • I no longer try to change the clone-based education system from the inside out - instead offer my own innovative alternate learning programs and speak to parents and youth at events, retreats (and if you happen to get stuck in an elevator with me) about the benefits of passion based learning.

If you are facing a tough choice at the moment, I'm not necessarily saying 'go for it!' Ask yourself:

  • What if I do this, and it works?

  • What would my life look like in 10 years if it does work?

  • Then ask yourself - what if I do it and it goes badly? How long would that take to recover? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years?

  • Can I minimise the impact?

  • What will my life look like in 10 years if I do nothing?

Hey, if you want to get clearer on something, a change in your life. I'm happy to help. It's what I do.

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Whatever happens - keep chasing the dream.

Never say die.

- Andrew, Blueprint Life Coaching

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