Did you win?

This week I had the awesome privilege of meeting many of the new CSU students at the Port Macquarie Campus Wellbeing expo.

I was chatting to interested students about my upcoming Brain-Training and Stress Management courses


giving students the chance to win an easy $20 to solve my blueprint maze puzzle!

(Scroll down to see if you won!)

Start at start - go via the challenge - end at the finish circle

Can you do it?

At University (and in life) there are many different ways to solve a problem.

Everyone takes their own path.


there ARE ways to make life easy on yourself.

That is what my courses are all about

Get the best out of yourself and your university experience

and learn skills that will stay with you the rest of your life!

If you haven't done it already,


And the $20 goes to.... (*drum roll) - Tahlia Gill!

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