Who needs a life coach?

Make the leap!

Let's get one thing straight.

I am NOT a therapist.

Having said that I will admit, a lot of my clients have come to me because they are at the end of their rope.

They are tired of trying on their own and falling short.

They recognise they are missing something and need help to find it.

The comment they often make at the end of a coaching package is;

"Why didn't I come and see you sooner!"

That is a good question.

Some people think that seeing a life coach means they are failing at life or they have a mental health problem.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason you hurt is because you care.

The reason you struggle is because you see your own potential and are bold enough to take action!

Who needs a coach?

In the sporting world - athletes, professional sportsmen and women, Olympians!

In the business world - executives, CEOs, people on top who plan to stay there!

Life Coaches are for ordinary men and women who are not content to stay ordinary!

Business people, Parents, Students, People with something special to offer the world.

Coaches are for those who strive for success in life.

If you have a mental health problem, I can recommend a number of beautiful people who can help you through it.


If you recognise you have something special offer the world and if you are determined to be successful in your chosen field of business, parenthood or study - You need a life coach!

If you want so badly to be successful but don't know how. You don't see it yet - but believe it could be true. You just want to know where and how to start! - You need a life coach!

What is a Lifestyle Designer?

(that's me!)

A Lifestyle Designer is a type of Life Coach that specialises in helping people discover what matters most to them and helping them t