The back-to-school item you probably forgot!


If you are like most parents, you are probably breathing a sigh of relief as the 6 week cohabitation with your 'desperate-to-be-independent' teenager draws to a close...

It's OK. You're not alone.

If your kids are anything like mine (or if you are a student yourself and still reading this!) then you are just as keen to start back and get some focus; to catch up with old friends you haven't seen much over the break, knock over that next year of education and get one more step closer to 'real-life'!

For any student who has had positive school experiences in the past - a new school year is inherently motivating.

A blank diary full of undiscovered possibilities and untapped potential!

The fact is, your child's motivation for education is at its peak right now!

Whilst other parents are out shopping, going overboard on the incredibly cheap back-to-school stationary, I have to say, my focus is elsewhere.

My parenting style (like my coaching) is intently focused on the question: "Where is the biggest strength?"

AND "How can I/we/they leverage this strength to get the maximum possible benefit?"

(Sure the stationary is important!)

But when I look at the possible strength opportunities right now and how can I help them get the biggest 'bang-for-their-buck' in terms of educational impact - PEAK MOTIVATION is lit up like a Las Vegas casino on my radar!


If together we can preserve the positivity and motivation she is experiencing right now, I KNOW that this is, by far, is the most powerful support that I can offer

AND the most likely to bring a sense of happiness and fulfilment

AND help her to perform at her best academically.

Worth some attention?

OK, you are probably saying; "Nice theory - how am I going to do it?"

Good question.

I've put together a 10-step plan that you can use week by week, together with your child to bullet-proof their motivational tank.


Here's an outline:

  1. The Stationary actually does matter - here's why

  2. Establish a culture of mindfulness

  3. Positive friendships

  4. Motivation Style - boost it

  5. Love Language - boost it

  6. Check in with teachers

  7. Practice vulnerability

  8. Limit (or expose) social media flaws

  9. Plan to celebrate

  10. Celebrate!