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Are you ready for change?

Are YOU ready for change?

Do you want something better in your life?

Earlier this year I conducted some intensive research on what brings a person into a state of readiness for change. For many, life gets busy, chaotic and just passes us by as we function in a state of survival and nothing more.

I know this feeling from first-hand experience. There is a nagging sense that something is just not right but we don't have time (or don't take time) to think and discover what would make things different.

"Having time to myself to think or study" was the standout survey response (81%) when people were asked "What builds a feeling of self-confidence in you?"

The trouble with 'time alone' is that we often just spend this time resting and recuperating from our busy lives - or sometimes partying hard, THEN resting and recuperating from… (you fill in the blank!)

Anyway, the point is that it doesn’t help. It is just a cycle that continues and doesn’t move us forward.

Are you ready for something MORE?

The fact is that there is a significant difference in levels of hope, in growth mindset and in tenacity pursuing their goals in those who have engaged with a life coach versus those who have not.

Working with a Life Coach to maximise your quality of life is the peak model of efficiency.

Most people work with a Life Coach to help get them through a period of change or transition, or they need clarity and direction, but literally anyone can benefit from the support, accountability and positive intention that a life coach can provide.

How do athletes and business-people reach the top of their game? They do it with the support of a coach!

Why not take your own life to the next level?

If you want to read more about my readiness research, you can download a copy of my report here.

Or if you would like to talk further about how life coaching can transform the results you are experiencing in your life – get in contact with us now and mention this blog for a no-charge, obligation-free introductory session.


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