2 models of education

This is a lecture that I gave to 4th year Education students at the university of Newcastle, Port Macquarie Campus.

Guuji Yiguu

Stand Breath in – Breath out – some ideas that may inspire you? May also challenge and frustrate you – remember, if feel that way, breathe in/out keep listening and remember, what you DO with what I tell you today is completely up to you. Your choice.


What if I told you that in my past 20 years of experience as an educator, I had come across just 2 models of education that I believe actually work to engage, inspire and motivate young people to become life-long learners?


And what if I told you that IF you could learn these models and embed them as a part of your teaching practice,:

· you would eliminate up to 90% of your discipline problems,

· you would drastically improve the mental-health and wellbeing of your students to the point where kids who were once dependant on medication now can stop taking it and be free from the side effect and stigma that comes with it?

· You would transform YOUR experience of the teaching profession – and ultimately transform the way education is done in the shifting world of the 21st century

Would you be interested?

My name is Andrew Lord – I am an educator, life-coach and entrepreneur. And I’ve been asked to come and speak with you today about my experience with these 2 models of education

But before we dive into that – I think we need to take a step BACK and ask why are YOU here?

HOW did you get here?

You see YOU represent a link in a chain that has been going on for well over a century now –

  • You were once a student – at a school – right?

  • Now you are a student of education and you hope to one day become a teacher

  • and you will teach kids who some of whom will enjoy education and want to be a part of the cycle

  • and so they will study hard, and apply to an educational institution who will teach them how to teach and so the cycle continues…

· All the while people get paid.

Teaching is an industry.

But what about EDUCATION? What IS education? What’s it for?

To answer that, I think we need to take a look at the history of education:

10:50 – 12:40

That is our roots – that is how our CURRENT model of education came about and it was designed for an industrial economy –


The way our education system was designed was to look at LIFE (in particular, the work life) and backward mapped from there.

System of education matched the factory or the military – where the values of:

  • Conformity

  • Uniformity

  • Obedience

Were highly valued.

But what if life doesn’t look like that anymore?

What IF we are all following a script where the plan is – I’m going to have a safe/stable job, so that you can get a safe/stable mortgage to buy a safe/stable house and raise a safe/stable family, with safe/stable kids so I can send them to the safe/stable school where they are going to learn uniformity, conformity and obedience and get a safe/stable education, get accepted into a safe/stable career path so that THEY can get a safe and stable job. …

But what if – the future is not that safe and stable and predictable ?


The dynamics of our world are shifting faster than ever before – and I believe that it is TIME for us to take a NEW look at education – the whole model – the same way that we looked at it back in the late 1800s

A bit about me:

  • Grew up in small country town, my father was dux of the school and successful businessman – high expectations, that I rarely lived up to. But he definitely motivated me to strive to be my best.

  • My mum was quite up front about feeling completely out of her depth in raising a child – I was the eldest of 4 and I remember her saying to me when I first had kids, yes you make all your mistakes with your first one...

  • I was NOT academic – not in my early years

  • Loved building and creating things

  • Studied Industrial Design at University of Newcastle (met my wife)