I am a multi-award winning educator turned life-coach and entrepreneur.

I love hiking, rock-climbing, paragliding and challenging the status quo.

I am the world's best dad! (and I've got the Father's Day socks to prove it!)

I'm passionate about helping people find their 'lifeline' and experience each day as a great adventure. You can get a bigger picture on the about page or feel free to get in touch for a chat!


Together we'll unpack the source-code for success. Courageous stories from men and women who refuse to let a lifeless social script define them but instead, applied creative design principles to unlock their own happy future. 

You'll love this podcast if:

  • You love stories of overcoming in the face of life's challenges...

  • You recognise the power of mindset to shift your experience, actions and outcomes...

  • You want to be a part of the education revolution sweeping the world...


If there's ONE THING you need to do before leaving this page, it's the Lifestyle Design Quiz - whatever your story, this series of short questions will compile your own personalised report that gives you a powerful insight into your strengths and how to leverage these to get more of what matters most in your life.


A step by step, Lifestyle Design Workshop, recorded live for the business community in Port Macquarie. This free training will help you apply some of the most powerful mindset and life-design strategies that I use with my personal coaching clients. A 20 minute video with downloadable resources that will help you to turn knowledge into action, habits and happiness.


If you KNOW that its time to play a bigger game. Time to start living the champions life - then I want to be a part of that story...  

I have a limited number of spaces in my calendar that you can book for a FREE, one-on-one coaching call. There's no obligations, just understanding and practical support. 

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