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I LOVE welcoming new visitors to the site - because I know you're here for a reason.

Maybe someone recommended you check it out, or maybe you just stumbled across an article,  a quote or a video online - whatever brought you here doesn't matter, the happy fact is, TODAY is the day your journey can really take a turn for the better.

Blueprint Life Coaching is the 'resource hub' where I teach, create and share  real-life  experiences as a parent, educator, entrepreneur and life coach AND the winning secrets from the people I've been blessed to work with... These stories (and tools I've developed to go with them) have the potential to absolutely change your life! (I'm smiling, but I'm not joking!)

YOU have a gift to share with the world. And it is MY mission to maximise the human experience.

Sound like a good combination?

Check out site links below and be sure to sign up for updates so we can stay in touch.

Can't wait to unlock your own special brand of amazing!


I am a multi-award winning educator turned life-coach and entrepreneur.

I love hiking, rock-climbing, paragliding and challenging the status quo.

I am the world's best dad! (and I've got the Father's Day socks to prove it!)

I'm passionate about helping people find their 'lifeline' and experience each day as a great adventure. You can get a bigger picture on the about page or feel free to get in touch for a chat!


Together we'll unpack the source-code for success. Courageous stories from men and women who refuse to let a lifeless social script define them but instead, apply creative design principles to unlock their own happy future. 

You'll love this podcast if:

  • You love stories of overcoming in the face of life's challenges...

  • You recognise the power of mindset to shift your experience, actions and outcomes...

  • You want to be a part of the education revolution sweeping the world...


If there's ONE THING you need to do before leaving this page, it's the Lifestyle Design Quiz - whatever your story, this series of short questions will compile your own personalised report that gives you a powerful insight into your strengths and how to leverage these to get more of what matters most in your life.


This is my new 4 part coaching program to get you crystal clear on your strength, your focus for growth, your value in the world, your passion (which is the key to your impact) and your pathway forward.

This is a great place to start to find out if  a Maximise Life Coaching program is going to be right for you.



If you KNOW that its time to play a bigger game. Time to start living the champions life - then I want to be a part of that story...  

I have a limited number of spaces in my calendar that you can book for a FREE, one-on-one coaching call. There's no obligations, just understanding and practical support. 

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