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Are you living your Maximised Life?
How is it that some people find their place and make a positive difference, whilst others stay stuck in unfulfilled obscurity?

Andrew Lord, a renegade schoolteacher turned lifestyle design coach has been helping impact-driven youth, parents and professionals to live bigger for more than 20 years. In 'Designed to Thrive' (the working title) you will embark on a personal discovery adventure using his proven process to learn who you are, how you think, what you want, and why it matters.

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After 12 months of hard work, the manuscript is done, but now I need help to get this book to print. That's where YOU come in.
I am gathering a select group of 100 people who have either worked with me in the past, or we have a mutual connection, someone who thinks that you would be an asset to this project...

Be a part of the story...


Make sure you sign up here!

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