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I guide parents, educators and entrepreneurs who are ready to make smart, brave choices in their work and family life. Men and woman who want to go beyond 'ordinary' and start living life to its full potential.

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Award-winning educator, life-coach and entrepreneur, Andrew is the author of multiple revolutionary training programs - Adventure Quest, Project Space, Young Entrepreneurs and Dangerous Minds.


It has been a tough journey, but he is proof that challenging the status-quo, refusing to settle for ordinary and persistently chasing your dreams can yield exciting results.

Blueprint Life Coaching is built on the idea that we all have a unique gift to offer the world. Andrew's goal is to use this platform to co-create 10,000 success stories from around the world.


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I am committed to helping you live your life to the full.

I know your time is precious and so we get straight to the heart. The Blueprint Blog delivers fresh, fun, life-shaping wisdom to your inbox every month. Practical Lifestyle Design advice and inspiring true stories from men and women just like you who have bravely re-created their future.

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